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I got news for you, Star Wars—The Force is Already Awake

great!! the Force is already Awake!!

Pam Grout

“Love is more powerful than death, bigger than the dark, bigger than cancer, bigger even than airport security lines.”—Anne Lamott

On November 6, it was officially announced that the seventh Star Wars movie would be called “The Force Awakens.”

I yawned and said, “Well, duh!”

The Force (Or what I call the Field of Infinite Potentiality) is alive and kicking and always has been. Like someone tweeted this morning, “Once you buy into what @PamGrout is talking about, #Weird Shit starts to happen.”

The only reason we think it’s new or “weird shit” or just now awakening is because we’ve bought into the other story. The story that says, “This is all we get.” We’ve been pretending that we’re all alone and that we have no power and that there’s not a Force that is chomping at the bit to get involved in our lives, to connect with us, to…

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