Trying to find a way how to put into words what I do, I thought the best way is sharing one of my latest projects.
It represents how I match my work career and my heart life calling.

In 2007 I felt pushed to travel to Peru with my son. To place yourself, several months ago my mom had passed. I felt a deep void, it seemed there was no earth under my feet. I made a short trip to Egypt, early 2007, that simply was very relevant. Some months later we were ready for our adventure in Peru, I planned traveling one month from north to south. I decided to make the most of it by contacting a small NGO in Trujillo (north of Peru) listening what they need most and organizing the best way to deliver it. I had always support different NGOs in my spare time, this time was the first I did on my own.
So the first 20 days we stayed in Trujillo and Cajamarca. We talked with members of the NGO, we traveled to difficult neighborhoods, we heard their stories on firsthand and we saw the truth of their needs. It was not easy but we finally made it. We completed our mission; deliver them what they asked for.
So then the plan was to spend the last days traveling to the south in a kind of holiday, visiting Macchu Picchu, staying 10 days in Cusco. A friend of mine recommend me to visit “el hogar de las catalanas”, María & Pilar, in Cusco. So I made an appointment to visit them. Can’t find the words of the strong impression I had. So rich talking with them, knowing all the work, listening their story, their needs and worries.

The point is that when I came back to Barcelona I had a strong feeling inside to change my career and find a way to do what I always felt but for many reasons, someday I’ll tell you, I never had fully dedicated to it. So in 2008 I created Coco Diversity and had the pleasure to organize an amazing event to raise money for them.
I then, started collaborating with others ngo as the same time I was developing the solution for one of the problems María had told me; teenagers at risk. I was too, going back and forwards being business senior consultant for professionals and small business as well as for start-ups.

I knew I needed more information about what was deeply going on with the teenagers at risk. In 2009 I had the opportunity to go back to Peru and stay one month in Cusco to investigate, evaluate and analyze the teenage situation. With the help of Amantani and Mantay, I visited and talked with many small associations that worked in the different areas of teenagers assistance. And had the pleasure to meet Prorural and visit their schools from ‘alto andino’ to deep in the amazonian rainforest of Cusco. Again I felt something strong when I visited the rain forest, can’t find the words to express the kindness and love of the team and the girls and boys, as at the same time listening their worries and hard conditions. I must say I had never felt such inner sense of freedom walking on the wild.
I was very satisfied, I collected real information of the problem, their true needs, their worries, their desires and visions of what they wanted.

So back again to Barcelona. I continued my collaborations and consulting at the same time I studied the different possible solutions and the impact of them. It was and it is important to picture all the characters that are involved, the different aspects of the problem, the conditions, the environment, the culture, their feelings, their ambitions… all the parts, so the solution will enrich all of them and will solve the core of the problem creating a whole solution.
In every step of the idea I talked with the expertise of each area involved to reach the final solution and at the same time facilitate the decision of which was the first to do in order to put the seed for the whole solution.
Finally, the first step Project was CMJ PRODUCER. Being teenagers at risk our target, we focused on teenage mums, I saw that they are the core who suffers most the problem and for that the core of the whole solution.
The base of the project was to produce marmalades by creating groups in the different communities. Using their local extraordinary fruits, considering the transport obstacle and the main fact that could be done anywhere (alto andino to rainforest) needing little infrastructure, just a kitchen, so no investment was required. We were going to facilitate the training to produce, logistics, sales & distribution. So they were going to have a real opportunity to be independent and support their families. And as I said, because I consider it extremely important, from their reality.

Everything was ready: agreement with the two main partners involved with teenagers at risk, the marmalade trainer… just rested to find the funds for the training program, though one of the main goals was to be economically independent as soon as we began to sell the marmalades.

I believe that projects have to be profitable and sustainable for all involved.
Social projects need to match with actual business bases in order to accomplish the global right of everyones freedom and thrive the common goal.
The ambitious part for me, was that once we had it working we could finally impact in the end of women abuses by truly empowering them from female natural essence, recovering healthy boundaries and making them economically independent, as well as influencing a healthy natural change of men’s role.

Unfortunately, although on 2013 I travelled with a possible initial investor, couldn’t achieve the whole to begin. But what happened is that by sharing it, many have implemented the idea… so the goal was achieved!!!
That’s a huge thing! When you have an idea and run for it, you always have to open to HOW is going to unfold… because always will be the best way you never may have thought… my deep goal was sharing my idea for the benefit of many. Always said that once we did it, I wanted to share the model so everyone would tune it in his way, to his own reality.

Now I can say that nur&co is the union of my work & life road experience, my knowing & knowledge, my own life vision & values (gold book), my natural essence and all I learn of my own mistakes & struggles.
My life purpose is to serve by creating, teaching and finding custom made solutions for each problem or need, the easiest and joyful way. I must confess I thrill with the most difficult challenges… guess they are my core specialty!

Willing to be helpful…

Lots of Love