How did I came to think this? … that’s a good one… let me explain where they come from:


Is Unity… Unity is one of the core meanings of life.
“the unity of many and the multiplicity of the unit”
Means that each one of us is a part of the whole.
“The whole is never just the sum of the parts but always something more”
*quotes Edgar Morin, book The Art of Living



Is in my inner essence.
Is wonder, is magic!
Is natural.
Is my motto Unity of Diversity.

To explain the concept I use the example of the human body, so fascinating for me!…
composed of many different parts; each one with a specific purpose, equipped with everything needed to accomplish it, knowing to collaborate & cooperate with the others and coordinating knowledge…
and yet the sum of all them make just something more… a unique & extraordinary human being.

On the other hand, to explain what I do, I use cooking as example…
the ingredients as the things you have, your needs & wants, the situation around you, the moment you are, your worries, your possibilities, the difficulties…
the dish as what works to solve your needs…
and I am the kitchen… the kitchenlab… my Creative space… my Alchemy place. Where I create the unique recipe, the cooking methodology to bake your best solution… I bakeyourbestday.

* Important note: You must know that whatever is your part is very, very important, no distinction… from the most little being to the biggest… each one of us have a role that gives to the others & receives from the others… we are intertwined… we are independent & interdependent… we are One… the Whole


Is action.
Is solution.
Is listening.
Is answering.
Is guiding.
Is change.
Is building.
Is renovating.
Is boosting.
Is face & thrive.
Is making it simple, easy & joyful.
Is fulfilling work.
Is taking care.
Is togetherness.
Is support.
Is confidence.

Passion, Coherence & Commitment (pacoco)
listening needs & worries and finding what works to solve them.


Along my road of experience, I have seen much talk and little walk… much waste of time and resources… much show… many mere illusions… many wrong diagnostics… many pretended solutions… many not being in their “part”… many misunderstandings… many divisions… quite few masqueraders…
what honestly makes me sad and sometimes desperate seeing so much waste & loss.

My background has principally been in
multinationals, commercial business, senior consultant (dealing with companies, business schools, professionals, entrepreneurs, star-ups… from admin department to sales (national & international).
volunteering different organizations (ngo); project management, raising funds, evaluating, facilitating ideas to reach their goals…
and traveling.

Summarizing is my natural vision plus “what to do”.
Is project, produce & prosper.
Is walk the talk.
Is sharing to bring natural order so we can all thrive and create a better world, living in harmony & fulfillment.