knowing & knowledgE, road of experiencE

livE your chanGe

today I woke up with a clear deep sense that ‘live your change’  means you know nothing. NO IDEA!! nothing you know or done up to now works for it… naked, that’s how you stay!!

little advice: when you have a dream or a strong wish, always in its path it has some changes for you, you never expected.

It was by the end of October I made a strong commitment with my dream & myself. I had already been walking to it, and done many, many good work, but still there was something that hold me back. finally I have been led to the core!!!  what an inner loving battle I’m in!!! like in all the other steps of my path, the commitment and intention are my keys to go through :: true Courage & Bravery to be in the middle of nowhere. That’s where I am right now! living it very conscious, with trust, also with peace (thanks to all I have learned and been taught) and with one of my special and favorite ingredients ‘magic’!!

I wanted to consider this with you, my feeling & meaning of ‘change’, because I have a sense that it has been twisted its wide and deep meaning in the middle of this ‘fashion storm’ we are living of ‘void quotes’ – note: I call them like this when you can clearly see that it is just said but not meant. –

So having said that… mmmm… Courage & Bravery… as I always say how easy to write or pronounce them, but the thing is to ‘do it’, to live it!!! oohhh then… what a difference!!  for each of us is totally unique experience, nothing to do with the one beside us, but at the same time we all lay in the same meaning!!! Believe me, I have seen it in so many particular ways with my loving customers (friends) and together gone through… I guarantee you its worth ‘the storm’ on the other side your freedom and full live is waiting you!!! (advice: please, do not hesitate ask for help, in some parts you truly need it and others you have to go on your own)

remember:  you reach your dream or goal or wish when you finally get to the core of your change, and then holding very tight your inner sticks during the battle,  you go through its gate and land in ‘your new’, in your dream!!… your life!!!

don’t forget ‘no idea’, know nothing of it!!!

really, really new, and the most is just ‘for you’




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